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Splendid Maxican Festivals That You Can’t Afford to Miss

When we heard about the festival, we don’t know the where the intensity of enthusiasm comes from. Each country has its own history and historical and religious festivals accordingly.

Mexico is a nation with a rich social over a significant time span. It has got a lot of festivals that a page of the calendar can't be empty.  Regardless of whether you're searching for a Mexican music celebration, historical religious festivals or a globally prestigious writing celebration, Mexico has all sort of thing altogether.

If you are not based out of Mexico, you’re really missing a lot. But it can’t be missed according to people who actually attend such festivals. Plan your vacation trips according to the date of festivals and you’re set to experience amazing things that you won’t have felt ever.

Here are some of the best Mexican festivals worth considering:  

1. Cinco De Mayo

This has got a really huge popularity when we talk about Mexican festivals. It can be proved from the fact that it is being celebrated in major continents including the United States of America. It is celebrated on 5th May which denotes the date of the triumph of Mexico over France in the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo pictures of celebration and food is what makes it famous worldwide. People wear attractive costumes and organize parades and cultural events during the weekend.

2. Día de Muertos

Día de Muertos festival has really gathered the attention of the various community. Dissimilar to what the name of this celebration really expresses, this Mexican festival is the tribute to the dead. Generally, it is a kind of two-day celebration. Out of which, 1st is devoted to infants that are known as the "Day of the Innocents". On the other and, the second is associated with remembering people who passed away. This is an amazing family gather to support relatives whose closed ones passed away.

3. Guelaguetza Festival

The Guelaguetza is, Oaxaca's amazing and broad indigenous dance and cultural festival that you can't afford to miss. Summer can be filled with a lot of happiness by having a trip to visit this festival. As occasion comes close, the city will be filled with a variety of colors. You will be amazed by the local's costume and traditional dancing style on the day of the event. Dance is not the only source of attraction here while typical food serving has got really a delicious attraction.